A Day of Flow 12/21/2015

Today was one of those days where everything just flows. It’s nice and effortless (with a tiny bit of preparation) and you know you’re in your groove. Those days rarely land on a Monday but today was a happy coincidence. Although I did not get much sleep (a habit I am working to correct) I sprung out of bed. My gym clothes were folded on the dresser under my running shoes (Check), My food for the day was packed in the fridge (Check), work clothes were waiting in my gym bag (Check). Maybe it was because today is Day 01 of my rigorous cutting program (30 days out by Craig Capurso via or maybe it was because I remembered to prepare everything the night before. Whatever it was, my morning went so well! I got to the gym by 6 AM. Lately I have been lagging and not getting there until 6:30 or so which throws everything off (so insert happy dance here!!).

This morning was chest and cardio. My flow continued throughout the session. No one was being a jerk and hogging 50 pieces of equipment so I was able to get right to it! After a nice lifting session at the higher end of moderate intensity I did one round of Kettlebell Tabata Swings. (Tabata: 20 seconds of intense work and 10 seconds rest; repeat for 8 sets totaling 4 minutes) After tabata I did 20 minutes of steady but intense stationary bike. Then as a cool down I walked the track and did some slow jogging to stretch out my legs (Saturday was Leg Day).

As of the rest of the day (so far) I have gotten in all of my meals and supps. I am lagging a bit on the water but I will catch up and finish the day with at least 150 oz. downed. Now if I can just have 29 more days like this I will be that much closer to #AbsByMay

❤ Liz


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