Preparation Saves the Day!

Do you have any useful tips on how to easily prepare for your day?



Today I didn’t leap out of bed or rush down stairs to start breakfast. This morning I dragged myself out of my warm blankets and noticed the thermostat read 59 degrees. Well that’s not right. The heater was on the fritz again so I grabbed a jacket. It’s an easy fix but still annoying. I left the house a little late (thankfully I did all of my clothing, food and equipment prep last night so it wasn’t too late.) I forgot my water bottle but I had a backup so it’s not a big deal (preparation *wink, wink*). I had a decent workout despite my low energy levels.

A year ago all of these little nuisances would have derailed my entire day. Forget my workout, I would have gone back to bed and then been late to work. This would have ruined my mood for at least half of the day. One major thing that lifting has taught me is flexibility! If someone is using your machine, go to another one. You don’t just throw in the towel because one little thing goes wrong. The best way to eliminate your excuses and keep those molehills from turning into mountains is by anticipating hiccups. Know yourself enough to realize when you’ll try to make an excuse. Have a plan B so you don’t just throw your whole day away.

Here are some tips on what to prepare for an excuse-proof day:

  • Meal Prep (I can’t stress this enough, it saves so much time!)
  • Lay all of your clothes out the night before (work clothes, workout clothes, etc. Don’t forget the shoes and undergarments!!) 
  • Keep an extra water bottle (or two if you’re forgetful like me) in your car or gym bag or office.
  • If you have supplements in your regimen prepackage them in a pill case or plastic containers (for protein powders)
  • Don’t forget accessories! (Shaker cups, hair ties, etc)
  • As you get ready in the morning put everything together in a convenient location (i.e. living room couch) If I had included my water bottle in this pile of stuff I would not have left it behind!
  • Buy smaller versions of you most used shower/styling products to keep in your gym bag. 

Remember: If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail!

❤ Liz


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