Weights and bars can take you far but numbers and scales can make you fail.

250k front beforeGoals are a wonderful thing! They can push you to up your game or motivate you to get up off the couch. Having the right type of goal is key. Don’t over think it, make it specific and implement mini goals. It is common- especially this time of year- for people to pin all of their hopes onto a number (a certain weight, body fat percentage, size, etc.). While it is very constructive to have a specified goal, getting too focused on a number can drive you crazy. For example, throughout my entire fitness journey (so far) I have placed the body fat percentage range of 20-21 up on a pedestal. I just knew that if I could get down to the range that I would have a flat stomach, no more flabby arms and be rid of my jiggly thighs for good. Guess what? I measured my BF percentage last night and took updated measurements and it read out to be 20%. I was floored. I have never been very good at guessing my percentages and I never really took the time to do it accurately. I always assumed I was higher than I thought because I didn’t “look” the way I wanted to. My body at this percentage was not what I had envisioned it would be.

Don’t get me wrong! I have made great progress. Down 50 lbs and 7 pants sizes is amazing. But I was thinking that this number would take all of my “problem areas” away with it. I look awesome. Even with my saggy skin and the remaining fat chilling around my upper arms and inner thighs. I see these things and acknowledge that they will go in time. I am with myself every day so I don’t notice my progress until I look back at a comparison or try on some new (or old) clothes. The number on the scale or caliper does not reflect how far you have come or how you should look. It is only a snapshot in time of where you are right then. Measurements are a great way of tracking progress but it should not be all-encompassing. Don’t lose sleep over the number, strive to look how you want to or work to be able to do something you have never done! Base your stopping point on the way you feel not on the digits you see.


❤ Liz


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