Sabotaging self-sabotage

This post is to keep me accountable.

At the beginning of October, I decided to transition to a more alkaline based diet and add in fresh juice. This has been going great all week! I have been feeling fit and energetic after just a few days. It’s not 100 percent there yet but I am laying the foundation and doing better every day. Today was good until a friend took my husband and I out to dinner. At this restaurant I usually get chicken and veggies. I decided to get a burger and fries and I am full of bloated regret.

Like most people I give myself excuses like “Oh it’s a stressful day” or “I worked out really hard, I deserve this.” Then I feel gross and lazy and sleepy. Well I am done with that. No more self-sabotage. I am making this challenge public so I can be kept accountable. This challenge will end April 1st 2017. Right before my first anniversary!

My rules are that I will keep it 70 to 80 percent alkaline on a daily basis. I will allow myself one nice treat a week. That’s not mandatory so if I get to where I don’t want it that’s even better! 🙂

I will be posting monthly progress pictures too! This is the most exciting part for me! I think my backslide really began when I stopped taking pictures.So getting back on that wagon will be a huge step for me.

As this challenge continues I will study more about my eating tactics and make changes as necessary. The most important part is that I stick to this. I workout regularly and eat well most of the time so I know if I can hone in on my shortcomings that I can design my body to be whatever I want.





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