Honesty, Indecision & Paleo.

So life is all about learning as you go, right? While I was researching for my Alkaline Challenge I realized that my eating habits and the things I loved to eat were more in line with Paleo. This is because I love meat and Alkaline really limits meat due to it’s acidity. So currently my challenge has changed. I thought it was best to be honest about my indecision. Although it did cross my mind to just edit the original post for solidarity purposes. I mean how many people actually read this anyway? Ha.

I’m not going Paleo all at once. I feel as though that would overwhelm me. Over the next 5 weeks I will fully remove one non paleo item.

Week 1- I will not eat grains (i.e. bread, rice)

Week 2- No processed foods (i.e. fast foods)

Week 3- No dairy

Week 4- No legumes (i.e. peanuts)

Week 5- No sugar

I am half way through week 1 so far. I have done really well. I am trying to really stick to the Paleo mindset (if a caveman couldn’t eat it, neither could you) but I am cutting myself some slack and only really focusing in on one habit at a time. In the past few days I have been eating fresh foods and exercising as usual. I have experienced a huge amount of energy and I haven’t been bloated at all. If this is just over the last 3 days I can’t wait to see my progress after the 6 month period! I am very excited.


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