New habits and my keto life.

So I think after my last post about my paleo challenge I actually transitioned into a more keto based lifestyle. Yup I put the wish in wishy washy. Either way, keto did wonders for me in a very short amount of time! I felt amazing and had tons of energy. 

Toward the beginning of 2017 my department at work was dissolved and there was a lot of stress and uncertainty. I was guaranteed a job but I was losing my amazing team. Needless to say the situation helped to throw me off track. I take full responsibility of my decisions and I can’t blame the situation for all of it. 

Life happens though and now I am pledging to get back into the swing of keto. I’ve only gained like 5 lbs but I do not enjoy the way carbs make me feel now. My new focus is to fuel with foods that make me feel healthy and energized. Instead of weight loss being my overall goal I would like to journal and track the way foods make me feel. 

Along with my food goal I am trying to become more consistent with my posting and tracking. This will be my main platform for journaling and I am tracking with a paleo based food app. I like this app because it doesn’t weigh heavily on calories in and calories out. It allows you to track based on the amount of carbs in each food item. After publishing this I will immediately set reminders on my phone to blog. I’m going to make this a habit I swear!


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