Keto update 3/2/17 and the most inconvenient train of life forever. 

This week has been really great so far! Yesterday was the best day yet. Nothing bloated me up and I stayed under my carb limit of 25 grams. I woke up feeling fit and healthy! The best part is that I felt energized throughout the day instead of having the typical 2:30 drop. I love the way high fat/ low carb makes me feel! 

Today has started out a little shaky but I’m making it work. I woke up with no desire to go to cross fit. I usually do the 5:30 am class twice a week. My amazing husband kept reassuring me that it would be great and that I needed to go. So I downed some preworkout and headed out the door. 

I was running a little late but I was on track to get there right after class started. Unfortunately, a few blocks away from the gym was an inconvenient train stopped on the tracks. I waited five minutes or so but it showed no sign of moving. Since I’d already missed a good chunk of the class I headed home to do a living room workout. It was actually pretty nice. 

I am excited for the rest of today and whatever challenges it brings. Tonight I am going for a run with a friend and for dinner I am making a yummy chicken/ broccoli stir fry!


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