Knee deep in ketosis

So my test strips are turning darker than I’ve ever seen them! It’s great but i also think my immune system may have dipped a little in the transition. Either that or that darn keto flu is still hanging on. My stomach has been pretty queasy today and i have a small fever. Not entirely sure where it came from but it’s nothing too terrible. 

My goal is to continue my current regimen and maybe throw in a little more intuitive eating. As i move closer to becoming fat adapted, i plan to have a weekly or (small) daily carb up. Something natural like a sweet potato or maybe a little sushi with rice. 

At this point i am doing what i can to change my mentality around food. I do not want to feel restricted. I want to feel like i have limitless options but instead choose the healthy ones. This has actually worked really well for me so far. 

I am excited for the new possibilities that keto has to offer! More updates to come 🙂


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