Me, Myself & Iron: Who I am Now.

Hey people (both real and imaginary)! Welcome to my little project that I am haphazardly keeping up with! My name is Liz and I have been technically alive for 22 years. Whether you can count the first 17 as actually living depends on how you define the word. I like to think of it more as a learning experience.

I was basically raised in a drive thru and never knew any better. I had a good childhood but my young parents were slaves to convenience and nativity. They had no idea what they were putting into their own bodies, let alone mine. My mother would have the typical “health kick” but it was always inconsistent and misguided. My family has never been big on consistency.

Up until the age of 19, I followed in their footsteps. Gorging myself on cheeseburgers and buffets until I could barely look at my own reflection. My hair was fried (like the food I ate), my skin was awful and my size 13 stretchy pants were starting to rip at the seams. For some a size 13/14 may not seem large but that was my limit. I did not want to go any further. I began slaving away on the elliptical and attending the occasional yoga class. Yoga had me out of breath within 20 minutes. If something seemed too hard I found any excuse I could to avoid it. So needless to say, my gym life was not helpful or consistent (there’s that word again!). My low intensity workouts were few and far between. At this point I had not taken any strides to change my eating at all. (If I just ran the pounds would fall off, right?)

Wrong. I was still miserable and my weight was climbing. I seemed confident in public but at home- in front of the mirror- I was bawling. However bleak the situation looked I still didn’t have the motivation I needed to make a lasting change. Then in March of 2014 I almost died.

I had been plagued with kidney stones since I was 16. Considering the fact that I practically breathed soda, I am not sure why I was surprised. I was sick for weeks waiting for this particular stone to pass. When I was vomiting every 15 minutes my fiance took me to the urgent care facility. They pumped me full of fluids (I had been SEVERELY dehydrated) and I felt great. I was elated and couldn’t wait to get back home and back to work and basically do anything that didn’t involve puking. The doctors had other plans though.

I was taken to the hospital because my kidneys were failing. They told me I had a 9 mm stone that was lodging and dislodging itself trying to pass. (Ow…) After four days there and two minor surgeries I was released with both kidneys and everything intact! I knew that if something didn’t change quick I would just be there again and this time I might not be so lucky.

Shortly after that, I found the courage to set foot in the weight room and wrap my hands around two little 8 lb dumbbells. Although I started small I fell in love with weightlifting right away.

Now I have been lifting consistently for about a year and a half. I have gone from ~190 lbs. to 135 lbs. (plus lots of muscle!!) in a little over a year. I am down to a size 7 jeans and I am not stopping here! My quality of life has improve enormously and I can’t even count the many ways I have benefited from strength training. I am more disciplined and focused now than ever before. I am studying to be a personal trainer so I can help people find the same power and confidence inside of themselves. I can honestly say weightlifting has made me a better person.

My next goal is to have abs by May 2016! Follow me as I share my struggles, mistakes, passions and advice. If I can help just one person better themselves then I will be satisfied 🙂

Thanks for reading!

❤ Liz


2 thoughts on “Me, Myself & Iron: Who I am Now.

  1. What would you recommend for me to look into/try if I want to start doing this? (the lifting?) My healthy weight is 135 lbs and currently I’m weighing in at my heaviest ever at ~160 lbs.


    1. Hi Stephanie! First off thanks for commenting 🙂

      When I began lifting I knew nothing. Absolutely nothing about lifting or anything beyond the realm of steady-state cardio (doing low intensity cardio for hours on end-yuck).

      My biggest resource then and even now is! It is a social media site where everyone is supportive (like the anti facebook). They have preloaded workout plans that you can choose from FOR FREE! The plans range from beginner to expert. They also have a wealth of nutrition articles and tutorial videos on how to do the exercises.

      Everything about is free and I get no kickbacks for bragging on them so much. I just love it! My username is lizievans on there if you want to go check it out.

      If you have any other questions or need help with anything feel free to contact me on here or on there.


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