My Fit Adventure Bucket List

What’s on your bucket list? Any suggestions for mine?


This is me summed up in one photo. I am crazy and spontaneous but not reckless (we were at a stop light and the car was not moving). I want to do ALLLL the things all the time. Sometimes time and money are in short supply around our house. Planning a wedding, working two jobs, working toward #AbsByMay and going to school to be a personal trainer can stretch a person pretty thin. That’s why I have this great bucket list thingie!!


  • Mud Race (training for one in April 2016)
  • Color Run (completed August 2015)
  • Disney 5K
  • Zombie Run
  • Spontaneous Road Trip
  • Abs By May 2016
  • Travel with Tyler (My cheeseball fiance pictured above)
  • See Metallica live (My favoritest band ever)
  • Make it through a big colorful side tattoo (Completed March 2015)
  • Hit and maintain my fitness goals
  • Climb to the top of  a rock wall
  • Make yoga a habit
  • Get more piercings (because I want to)
  • Go hiking
  • Try Hot Yoga (again)
  • Try a crossfit class
  • Build a career in the fitness industry
  • Play an instrument
  • Learn to dance
  • Run a 5K to the end (no walking)
  • Spartan Race
  • Make it onto the Roller Derby Roster
  • Learn to skateboard
  • Run on the beach
  • Eat Octopus
  • Become a supplement spokes model (lofty but why not?)
  • Be a figure/bikini competitor at least once
  • Squat heavy (200 lbs. +) with proper form