My Year of Weightlifting 2014-2015


The first picture is me October 2014, the second is October 2015. Same exact outfit (on accident) worn a year later to the day. I am so proud of this picture and all of the things I have accomplished in the past year.

Since the first picture, I have formed several good habits. I never thought they would lead me anywhere as quickly as they did. Quite honestly I never thought I was doing enough or being good enough or abstaining enough but my body proved me wrong and I have the results to show for it. You don’t have to be perfect to improve yourself. Whether it’s just forming some good habits or losing 100 lbs. everything is a learning experience and nothing is ever perfect. With dedication, consistency and the strength to forgive yourself when you stumble anything is possible.

Some of the lessons that played a major role in the past year of my life are:

  • Meal prepping (a week of food cooked on Sunday)
  • Cooking is better for you!!
  • Morning workouts (a personal preference; plus it’s harder to make excuses when it’s first thing in the morning)
  • Incorporated cardio (I have ALWAYS hated cardio- especially running- now I run a few times a week and even in the cold!!)
  • I learned to do and eat what I like instead of forcing myself just because “it’s good for you”.
  • Nothing is possible if you don’t believe it is.

I have achieved so much more than I set out to this year. I know next year will be even better!

How was your year? Did you do or not do anything you wanted to accomplish last January?


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